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MM-398 for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

A Pilot Study in Patients Treated With MM-398 to Determine Tumor Drug Levels and to Evaluate the Feasibility of Ferumoxytol Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Measure Tumor Associated Macrophages (NCT01770353)


Researchers are studying new drugs for treating metastatic triple negative breast cancer. MM-398, a new type of targeted therapy, uses a fat molecule (like a bubble) to deliver the chemotherapy drug irinotecan (Camptosar®) to cancer cells. Because the irinotecan is delivered directly to the cancer cell, it can be given at a higher dose. Ferumoxytol (Feraheme) is used during an MRI to improve imaging. It is being used in this study to measure a type of white blood cell called tumor associated macrophages. The goal of this study is to learn more about how MM-398 travels in the body and whether using ferumoxytol is effective in tracking MM-398.
This is a Phase I trial