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Additional Resources
Additional Resources
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Support and information for women living with metastatic disease.

ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Phone-based one-to-one mentoring and a personalized mentor matching service for breast cancer patients, their families and friends.


Up-to-date information on treatment options for women whose breast cancer has spread to the brain.


Metastatic breast cancer information.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Treatment options for metastatic breast cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Extensive information, including personal stories from women living with metastatic disease.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

The proactive advocacy voice in the metastatic breast cancer community.


The social network for women facing breast cancer.

Patient Advocate Foundation

Insurance and healthcare access assistance for people with a life-threatening illness.

Susan G. Komen

Treatment guidelines for metastatic breast cancer.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Provides discussion forums and educational programs for women with triple-negative tumors.

Triple Step Toward the Cure

Information, emotional support, and financial assistance for patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Young Survival Coalition

Support for young women living with metastatic disease.

I Have Metastatic (Stage IV) Disease

This is the place to start on BCT if you:

  • Were recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body)
  • OR
  • Have previously had one or more therapies for metastatic breast cancer

What Types of Studies are Available?

Breast Cancer Treatment

Researchers are studying new drug treatments and new drug combinations that may be effective against metastatic breast cancer. These include:

  • Biological therapies that target proteins that help tumors grow.
  • Vaccines that may create an immune response to breast cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy regimens that include new drugs or new drug combinations.
  • Hormone therapies for tumors fueled by estrogen.

Biological Therapy Trials: Advanced Disease
Vaccine Therapy Trials
Chemotherapy Trials
Hormone Therapy Trials

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

These trials are investigating whether complementary and alternative approaches to cancer care, such as acupuncture, exercise and diet, or certain herbs or supplements, can help reduce side effects associated with cancer treatment and improve quality of life.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Studies
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Study #
List Item Two
Study #
List Item Three
Study #

Supportive Care

These trials are looking at programs that can improve the quality of life of individuals managing metastatic disease.
Supportive Care Studies
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Study #
List Item Two
Study #
List Item Three
Study #