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trial site Privacy Details

Privacy Policy for BCT Trial Sites

BreastCancerTrials.org considers it our utmost responsibility to protect the privacy and security of the patient information stored on our website.

To that end, BCT will only release patient information to Trial Site Network sites that users have explicitly requested BCT to contact on their behalf.

BCT requires that all BCT Trial Site Network sites agree to protect the privacy and security of BCT-referred protected health information as they would their own patient records and in full compliance with their institution's HIPAA policies and procedures. Furthermore, BCT requires that research sites only permit individuals who have been authorized by a designated BCT liaison to logon to BCT and view patient records.

Additional Privacy Information for Authorized Research Site Personnel

Use of BCT Health Histories: BCT patient information is to be used solely for the purpose of evaluating clinical trials eligibility, as directed by the patient.

Sharing of BCT Health Information: BCT patient information can be shared only with other healthcare providers who are HIPAA-compliant and only for the purpose of discussing trial eligibility.

Security of BCT Patient Records: BCT patient histories are stored on our secure servers. BCT Trial Site Network Sites can access an e-record at any time. Access will only end if the patient withdraws permission for your site to view his/her Health History. BCT requires that research site personnel treat any print copies of BCT users as they would any other medical records at their institution.

If a Patient is Ineligible for a Trial or Withdraws Consent to be Considered: If your team determines that a BCT patient is not eligible for a trial, BCT requests that research personnel destroy any BCT paper records and update the patient's status on their site's BCT portal. In the event that a patient requests that s/he no longer wants to be considered for a trial, BCT will notify you by email and remove the link to his/her record. Any paper records that you have on file for this patient must be destroyed at that time.