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How Works

We offer two different ways for you to search our listings to identify trials for which you may be eligible:

  • Browse Trial Listings: This feature allows you to look at all of the trials we have listed on our website or to search for trials by study type (e.g., treatment) or by zip code of recruiting sites.
  • Match to Trials: This feature creates a personalized list of the breast cancer trials for which you are most likely to qualify.

Matching Tool Features

The Matching Tool is comprised of several unique features:

  • Personalized Health History Questionnaire: The first page of the Health History Form asks you to select the health concern for which you are seeking a trial: Prevention, Considering or Beginning Treatment, Completed Treatment, Managing Metastatic Disease. After you make your choice, you will receive a personalized list of questions to answer.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Based on the answers you provide on the Health History Questionnaire, the Matching Tool will assess whether you are eligible for any of the trials listed on our website.
  • Use as a Member or a Guest: Before you see the trials for which you may be eligible, the Matching Tool will ask you to whether you want to Save your Health History. If you select Save you will be able to establish a free Member account. This will allow you to store and edit your Health History.

If you do not Save your history, you can continue to use as a Guest. will still provide you with a list of trials and contact information for research sites.

If you do not Save your history, your Health History will be completely deleted when you close your browser.

Communication Features for Members

  • SecureCONNECT: This unique feature allows you to contact research sites through our website and let them know that you are interested in a specific trial. It will also allow you to share your Health History with the research site, making it easier for you to determine whether you should visit the research site for further evaluation.
  • Trial Alert Service: will automatically notify you when a new trial has been added to our website that matches your health history.

Want to learn more?  Take a Tour, which will show you exactly how works.

Concerned about your privacy?  Read our Privacy Policy and learn about the procedures we have implemented to ensure that we meet all the requirements the U.S. government has established to protect patient privacy ( is HIPAA-compliant).

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