Coming Soon to Metastatic Trial Search (specific for breast cancer)

These breast cancer clinical trials have recently been added to, the website that lists all clinical trials in the U.S. You will be able to match to them within the next two weeks and see information in our patient-friendly format on all Metastatic Trial Search partner sites as well as on MBC Connect.

Additional Brain Mets Trials

All brain mets trials currently recruiting in the U.S. are included on Metastatic Trial Search. Click links below to see brain mets trials outside of the U.S., as well as brain mets trials that are not currently recruiting.

Solid Tumor Cancer Trials (not specific for breast cancer)
This list of Phase I and Phase I/II trials is provided and updated by metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate, Christine Hodgdon, of the Storm Riders Network.

Tell me more about these trials

Why do I see this list?

The MTS matching service does not include some small Phase I trials that are enrolling patients with any type of solid tumor. We also do not list Phase I/II trials in which Phase II is not enrolling breast cancer patients. But we think it is important to make sure you can find these trials if you are interested in them.

What are Phase I and Phase I/II trials?

Phase I trials evaluate the safety, side effects, and best dose of a new treatment in humans for the first time. They are not primarily focused on evaluating the benefit of treatment and enroll a very small number of people at very few locations. Phase I and Phase II trials are sometimes designed as a combined Phase I/II trial with all cancer types in Phase I but only certain cancer types in Phase II.   

Does MTS include any Phase I or Phase I/II trials?

Yes. We include all Phase I trials that are specifically enrolling breast cancer patients. We also include any Phase I/II trial where Phase II is specifically enrolling breast cancer patients, even if Phase I is for all solid tumors.  

How often will this list be updated?

This list will be updated monthly. © 2022 Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative.