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Surgery: Reconstruction

Comparing Two Types of Tissue Expanders for Breast Reconstruction

Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing 1-Port and 2-Port Tissue Expanders for Breast Reconstruction (NCT02725801)


During breast reconstruction, a tissue expander is put into the chest wall. The expander is filled with saline (salt water) through a port to gradually stretch the skin and make space for the implant. The traditional type of expander has one port. AlloX2® is a new type of expander that has two ports: one port fills the expander and the other drains seroma, the clear bodily fluids that develops where the breast has been removed. In this study, half of the women will receive the regular one-port expander and the other half will receive the two-port expander. This will allow the researcher to see whether women have a better outcome or less complications when using a one-port or two-port expander. To be eligible, a woman must be planning to have immediate tissue expander breast reconstruction following her mastectomy.